Family & Friends CPR Course
AED/CPR Certification Course
A procedure designed to restore normal breathing after cardiac arrest that includes the clearance of air passages to the lungs, mouth to mouth methods of artificial respiration,
and heart massage by the exertion of pressure on the chest.                                                                                                                                  Merriam-Webster Dictionary
                           WHY IS CPR Training Important?
  • The life saved with CPR skills can be a family member or friend (someone you love)

  • Each year of  300,000 people suffer out of hospital cardiac arrest in the United States

  • Bystander CPR doubles a victim's chances of surviving a cardiac arrest by
    maintaining blood flow to the heart and brain until more advanced care is available
    when "First Responders and EMS" arrives.
CPR Instructor is certified and affiliated with the National
Institute of Emergency Care and The American Heart
You Will Learn:
  • Adult & Child CPR & AED
  • Infant CPR & Choking
  • Adult/Child Choking
Learn How To SAVE A Life Today!
Family & Friends CPR is $45.00 per person
Family/Friends of (4) $180.00 and $35.00 each additional person
CPR Certification $85.00

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CPR class is (3) hours.  The course meets the standards of the American Heart Association.  It covers how
to identify a conscious and unconscious person that is not breathing and when to start CPR, and the use
of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).  Class participants learn adult/child/infant CPR/AED and
Choking maneuvers
Family & Friends CPR is taught at your location for your convenience
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Emergencies occur suddenly and without warning.  Knowing what to do in an emergency
initial moments can be critical in someone's life.  You can help by equipping yourself with
the necessary CPR skills to help in an emergency situation until EMS arrives.
Community CPR Classes are taught at your location
Family & Friends
Call (267)864-8639 to schedule your family/friends/business/group today!
Massage Therapists & SPAs - you can schedule your CPR certification with your continuing
education classes.  CPR courses for certification is instructed on-site.  CPR certs at your location
require a minimum of 10 therapists.  If not, CPR is instructed on - site at the center of continuing
education. CPR Certification $85.00 per person.

All others - call to schedule a Family & Friends CPR Class.  The minimum requirement is a group of
(4) for $180.00.  The individual rate is $45.00 per person.  
CPR Schedule

Refund Policy - There is no refund for CPR courses unless the class is cancelled by the CPR
Checks and money orders are not accepted!