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Professional Massage Therapy Institute Continuing Education for Massage Therapists
The KEY to being in compliance with our Massage Therapy State Law Renewal Policy is TIMING in taking the required continuing education
so you are not frustrated.

Pennsylvania Massage Therapists
CE Requirement is (24) continuing education hours - (2) are Mandatory Courses
a.  Ethics (4) CEs
b. Child Abuse & Its Reported Training (2) - (3) CEs

Take (1) CE Course every (6) months and you will be finished
the requirement  for the next renewal period within a year

(8) CE hours can be taken online
Spa Professionals & Massage Therapists Course Descriptions
CE Hours
The Business Of Medicinal Cannabis
Cost $325.00
You will be introduced to the Cannabis Plant and it's history, medical benefits for
health conditions, methods of use, regulations & legal issues, cannabis laws for
medicinal cannabis, the cannabis business, types of employment positions,
government requirements for medicinal cannabis and much more.
Medical Massage Certification
Cost $2500.00
(Textbooks/Manual Included)
Payment Plan Available 50/50

(1)Neuromuscular Therapy
(2)Lymphatic Drainage Massage
(3)Clinical Massage I & II
(4)Active Isolated Stretching
(5)Ethics for Massage Therapists
(6) Medical Coding & Insurance Billing
Take your massage therapy SKILLS to another level with Medical Massage Therapy
. Learn to treat clients with medical protocols for effective treatment
plans. Build your massage therapy practice treating individuals with chronic pain,
injuries, and individuals in rehabilitation. When you have completed required courses
for certification, passed practicum and written test - You will  receive your Medical
Massage Therapy Certification Certificate or Medical Massage Therapy Certificate of
Achievement depending on your practicum and written test scores.  Textbooks,
manuals, and handouts included in course.  
Payment Plans are available with a
non-refundable 50% deposit to register.  For additional information call
Requirement:  You must be a licensed massage therapist to take this
V~Steam Facilitator Course              
Watch My Video on YouTube
Video (1) V~Steam        Video (2) V Steam Certification
So, Ladies... What's all the talk about Yoni/V~Steam? Vaginal steaming, also known
as Yoni steam is an ancient cleansing system that the elders practiced many centuries
ago.  Today it is primarily a spa treatment intended to assist with a wide variety of
female health conditions -  including menstrual cramps, vaginal and urinary infections,
cysts, hemorrhoids, fertility and a host of other conditions. The V- Steam Facilitator
Certification: You will learn ~  anatomy of the reproductive system, history of vaginal
steaming & hygiene, contraindications and indications, vsteam benefits, assessment
and materials, nutrition for the vagina, waivers/liabilities/disclaimers, who get steamed
and why, health conditions of the reproductive system, introduction to the auric field,
introduction to chakra balancing, business marketing, how to service a womb wellness
massage.  Equipment included.
Niche Market
Certification Course (No
Reiki Level I/Level II

Reiki Level I   $145.00 (CE 4 Hours)

Reiki Level II  $175.00 (CE 4 Hours)
Reiki is Japanese technique for relaxation, stress reduction and healing.  It is an
energy system with a series of three attunements.  
Reiki Level I is about you and
healing yourself from within.  You will learn the process and the hand positions of
performing reiki on yourself and how to practice on family and friends to prepare for
optional Reiki Level II.  
Reiki Level II you learn how to service others with reiki level
I and reiki Level II
symbols, you will learn how incorporate gemstone therapy and
chakra balancing to your reiki services and practice.
Reiki Kit: Gemstones, Pendulum
and Manual included in course.    
Reiki Level III - Call for more information.
No longer accepted for CE
Hot /Cold Stone Facial Massage (Natural Face Lift)
Cost $150
Hot/Cold Stone Facial Massage - You will be introduced to the history of stone
therapy, types of stones used in stone therapy and their benefits, sanitation & safety
of equipment, temperature of stones, contraindications of hot stone therapy, body
mechanics, and how to conduct a hot/cold stone facial.
You will learn how to do a
natural face lift with Marble stones and Basalt Stones.
 You will learn protocols with
specific strokes and techniques to acquire the natural face lift, and Marketing
Techniques to this niche group of people.Cold & Hot Stones not included.  Bring Your
Cold Stones & Hot Stones to Class.
Mederoterapia (Wood Therapy Tools) & Herbal Ice
Cellulite Massage Course
Cost $795.00

Online Class $595.00
Mederoterapia known as wood therapy is based on an ancient technique that use
massage and wooden tools to improve the body's size, speed metabolism, break down
cellulite, tone and tightens muscles while eliminating toxins. You will learn how to
reduce cellulite with herbal massage, stimulate lymphatic drainage system with wooden
tools to facilitate the massage, learn the use of ice & wood therapy contraindications  
and protocols for individuals with health issues.  This course include Business
Marketing and Profit Planning Course. Residential classes is $795.00 (Online and
Residential Class includes herbal ice.)
Manual Body Contouring
This is a Niche Market
Pharmacology For Massage Therapists
Cost $375.00      
Webinar & Live Class
Pharmacology for Massage Therapists...You will be introduced to how drugs are
absorbed into the body, distributed and excreted from the body, how drugs is used to
treat disease and symptoms, the effects of massage and medications on the human
body systems, contraindications for drugs and massage therapy, categories of drugs,
and how to develop a patient treatment plan based on client's chief complaint,
medications, and your observations.
(Manual Included)
Benefit of this course
- Learn how massage has effects on medications for the human
body systems.. Very Important!
Everybody is not a candidate for massage based on the medications they are taking.
Lypossage with Ethics & CPR
Cost $695.00   (24 CE Hours - 3 Day Course)

Lypossage (Zones 1 -3)  $495.00

Course Zones Taken Separately is $250.00 each

Lypossage Distance Learning Course $395.00
(24 CE Hours)

Who can You Service with this Modality? Read
On Click Here
Lypossage is a nonsurgical manual body contouring technique that was created by
the renown
Mr. Charles Wiltsie III, LMT. Lypossage is a proven science based modality
with proven results.  The results includes loss of inches, tightening of muscle and lift
sagging tissue. You will be trained on how to service this high in demand Anti -
Cellulite service to  your clients.

Massage Therapists (the body complete) Zones 1 -3
Zone (1) Abdomen, Hips, Thighs, Glutes

Zone (2) Arms, Back, Chest

Zone (3) Face & Neck

Esthetcians can take Lypossage Zone 3 Only - Face, and Neck  (8) Hours  $395.00
with materials & supplies.  Without Materials and Supplies $250.00
Manual Body Contouring
Niche Market
Certification Course

(Zones 1 - 3)


Manual Lymphatic Drainage  & Massage
Cost $495.00
Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Massage.  This course provides an overview of the
lymphatic system and its related systems.  You will learn the theory and lymphatic
drainage protocols for the face, neck, upper extremities, lower extremities and self
massage techniques.  You will have hands-on practical following theory sessions that
require practicum.
Professional Massage Doula Certification  (48 CEs)
Cost $1500.00

Birth Doula                                      NO CEs     $695.00
Post Partum Doula                          NO CEs     $695.00
Infant Massage Educator                 No CEs     $695.00
This is a combined course of birth doula (labor assistant), post-partum doula and
infant massage educator
. At the end of the course you will receive  a Certificate of
Achievement for 48 continuing education hours.  When you have completed all
certification requirements, you will receive the
Massage Doula Professional
Certification Certificate. All books and supplies included in course.  Courses taken
individually is $695.00 each  with NO CE attachment
SPA Treatments - Forward Thinking Workshop
Cost $495.00

The Spa Industry is a Billion Dollar Industry... Are You
In or Out?
SPA Treatments - Forward Thinking - Are You Missing Opportunities.  If so, you
should be attending this jam packed Wealth of Information Workshop.
will learn Natural Cellulite Wrap Creations/Natural Face Lift/Body Scrubs &
Body Wraps/Branding & Marketing to niche markets/Spa Packages/Social
Media Marketing.
Manual and materials included.  This FUN Packed Workshop will
be held at a Hotel (TBA) based on registered attendees, otherwise class is held at 220
Geiger Rd Suite 203 Phila PA 19115

Not Accepted By PA
Massage Therapy Board
Introduction To Aromatherapy
Cost $150.00
Introduction To Aromatherapy - Participants will learn the history of essential oils,
contraindications, and indications for (8) essentials oils, their therapeutic benefits and
uses for specific pathologies. Essential Oils Included
Cannabis Information Class
Cost $25.00                           
Cannabis Information Class - In this class you will be introduced to the legalization
of the cannabis plant for medical marijuana and what medical conditions are accepted
for medicinal marijuana by state.
Post - Op Care Provider Certification w/MLD
Certification Course
Cost $1500.00

Course Taken with
Master Body Contouring Course
for Massage Therapist Cost $1500.00 without
equipment.  Equipment Optional for purchase
This course introduces you to cosmetic procedures, teaches you client intake &
assessment, consultation, and how to care for the women that get cosmetic surgery
for tummy tucks, brazilian butt lift, liposuction, arm & thigh reduction, and facelift.  
Included in course is  business marketing on reaching your target market, Manual
Lymphatic Drainage Cert, and Post-Op Product for reducing pain and inflammation
included in course..
51 CE Hours

Residential Classes
Online Live Classes
Spa Party  Workshop
Cost $295.00
Spa Party Workshop - you will learn how to create signature spa services, promote &
market mobile spa services to niche markets.  This workshop you will leave with a
business plan for Spa Parties...
Register today....Estheticians, Massage Therapists,
Nail Technicians
Clinical Massage I/Clinical Massage II
Cost $195.00 per course
Clinical Massage is condition specific for pathologies and medical conditions.  You
will learn how to assess and treat muscle injuries and soft tissue pain, what modalities
and techniques is most effective for pain relief.  
Posture Assessment & Dysfunction
Cost $260.00
Webinar & Live Class
This course you will learn postural analysis, assessments and identifying postural
dysfunction, muscle testing for muscles involved in dysfunction, postural patterns of
distortion, myoskeletal alignment techniques for posture & pain, and stretching
techniques to increase flexibility and ROM.
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Some courses include the Business Marketing & Profit Planning Course - This course is
designed to give you the blueprint to market and make a profit with your new business,
certifications, or added menu of services by executing & taking Action on your GOALS...
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