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PMTI Continuing Education Center for Massage Therapists is the Philadelphia Training Center for Lypossage
Certification.  Call Carolyn@(267)864-8639 to schedule training for
groups of massage therapists/estheticians,
individual massage therapists and facility certification. Massage Therapists and Estheticians in New Jersey, Delaware,
Maryland, and Washington DC.
Body Contouring Course
Body Contouring is in demand.  Women in this Niche Market are getting contoured and sculpted to their desires
whether its by plastic surgeons or manually by skilled and certified professionals.  The media and entertainment
industries is the two commercial outlets that is advertising body contouring showing contoured/sculpted full figured
women designed by cosmetic surgeons or skilled and certified professionals. Because of this, women has placed
Body Contouring and Body Sculpting in high demand getting their bodies contoured and sculpted.  We call this Niche
Market of women (DOLLS).  Either way, these women require post-op care, manual therapy, maintenance for
recovery.  There is a lack of trained professionals in this high in demand niche market.  

The mission of the Body Contouring is to train and certify a minimum of six professionals in each region to
meet the demand to assist these women in their aftercare and maintenance for recovery.

Course Cost: $4500.00 (Payment Plan Available) ~ 50% deposit required at time of registration

                                   Salons & Wellness Centers Call for your discounted rates